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summer vacation recs - when you're strange [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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summer vacation recs [Aug. 31st, 2018|08:54 pm]
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This is what I did:
martin sport

At first a little bit of sports - and then going back to sleep.

But more important, this is what I recommend to watch:

wakandaWhen Sherlock isn't available, nothing wrong with hugging a Disney Prince.

Funny and cute Christmas flic including Martin dancing. There are two more movies, one of them with David Tennant. (None of them available in german, but I think I'll get them soon.)
nativity gif

Whiskey Tango Foxtrott:
WTF - Martin really can sing. Sounds like he hits the high notes without much effort.

Cargo ... Cargo, Cargo, Cargo ... brilliant!

Parade's End
parads end
I looked for the book, but there are only few translations available. Nothing new on the market and I wonder if I could manage the original.
parads end
It's a wonderful mini series. I'm easily bored by love stories and costume dramas, but this is something else.

At first I thought her to be a horrible person, then I thought him to be a horrible person, then I thought that Valentine was a really boring person and wanted Silvia and Christopher together. But in the end I loved them all. Maybe I'm too old for such an emotional rollercoaster.

Third Star:

The most beautiful and the most horribly sad movie ever. Be careful: when I say sad, I'm talking about devastating. Of course I've been reminded about what a genius Benedict Cumberbatch is.

Though Martin Freeman is a genius as well:
Is it so wrong to root for Fargo's Lester and to want him to be happy? I really hoped he would join Lorne Malvo and they'll make a perfect killer duo. And I was so angry about Molly. Couldn't she just let him be? (I know she couldn't and I adore Alison Tollman, but ... look at happy Lester!)

His transformation is wonderful to watch.

Now I'm waiting for the DVDs of Avengers, Infinity War and Ghost Stories. Still need to watch Melrose, StartUp and Supernatural. I'm thinking about waiting for the DVDs too, because I've just this weekend left.

Time to cuddle a horse.

I hope you all had a nice vacation and sometimes feel like singing: