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Happy New Year <3

For I'm in love with actors who are singing and just saw HIM with Miss Piggy:

Adorable plus I love this song. Therefore I looked it up and remembered having seen HER with Prince:

My alltime favourite artist - probably no one remembers the 'Sign o' the times' movie, but I still do
(Sign O'The Times)
I had planned to write about last year, little about Real Life. (I'm still trying to learn horseback riding - the horses are laughing, the trainers are crying and quitting, but I won't give up, for I love just the sight of a horse, these are wonderful, beautiful creatures. Then I discovered another hobby, which shows my lack of talent regularly.)
Instead I decided to write about some shows I started to enjoy like Da Vinci's Demons (of course) <3, Gotham, Sherlock (still) and The Magicians. (And every episode of which show ever dealt with Captain Cold.) Probably there had been more I wanted to tell and mention, but for I'm stupid I can't remember now.
Have a good time, guys, have lots of fun and enjoy!
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