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Title: Xmas
Author: callisto24
Fandom: 24
Charakters: Jack, Chloe, Tony
Category: Drama, m/m slash
Theme: Between Season 2 und 3, a lonely Xmas evening at CTU
Rating: R
Warnings: Drugs, slash, horror, at least maybe a little scary, no beta, not my native language, so I apologize deeply for all my mistakes. Corrections are always welcome!
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, no money made...

* * * * *

Jack opened the drawer and removed a half full bottle of finest whiskey from the hidden place beyond the Salazar files. No need to stay sober any more. Work had been done, most of the staff already gone home to their families to celebrate Christmas night.
Tony and Michelle had left together earlier, well knowing that Jack had decided to stay for the holidays. He had nothing else to do, no one to spend this precious time with, and therefore welcomed each possibility to avoid the nevertheless inevitable loneliness.
He looked at the blinking Christmas Tree, smiled contemptuously with the sight. Whoever had come up with this strange idea couldn ‘ t work at CTU for a long time. Tony normally rejected any kind of unneccessary decoration. Jack was astonished, that he had allowed this.

Most lights were switched out, most people gone.
Jack considered for a moment to close the blinds, but obviously there was nobody who would care about a little drink, and it wasn ‘ t time yet for his fix.
Raising the glass he watched the shining lights sparkling through the golden liquid. “Merry Christmas,” he thought and emptied the glass in one big gulp. It burnt deep in his throat, made him gasp for air and contently close his eyes, when he felt his blood warm up and the familiar numbness arise. He would need more, much more to feel better, but then, why should he feel better today? Kim was on vacation, Tony with Michelles family and there was nobody else he would like to share with this special time of the year.

His cell phone rang unexpectedly. “Mr. Bauer, the night shift is complete now, any instructions left?”
“No, thanks, everything ‘ s quiet here. I ‘ ll inform you, if there are changes.”
Jack sighed and laid the phone down. His eyelids felt heavy suddenly and he couldn ‘ t suppress a yawning.
Blackness grew around him and his head sank on the surface of the desk, just in front of the flickering monitor. He seemed to drift away, swimming into an ocean of nothingness.
He just wondered why he would feel that exhausted, when he was finally swallowed by complete darkness.

But Tony was there, with him, near him, Jack could feel his presence. His eyes searched for this man, longed for the sight of his handsome features. He called out for him, screamed desperately, but his voice wasn ‘ t able to penetrate the silence.
“Tony,” he whispered one last time, felt the hoarse sound leave his lips, flowing through the air until it faded away, vanished and was lost forever.
Warm breath stroke his forehead, ghosted down along his cheeks, made him shiver, when it reached his throat and finally found his mouth. Soft lips covered his, touched featherly, kissed sensitive skin, probing, testing, exploring, until he granted access, opened his lips to the demanding tongue, getting lost in the sensations.
The shudders shaking his body increased, when he felt strong arms encircle him, holding him, pressing him tightly, embracing him with indescribable force, increasing strength, severe movements, sucking the breath of life from his lungs.
“No,” he managed to croak, opended his eyes in fear and realised, that it wasn ‘ t Tony, who held him in his arms, squeezing him, as if he intended to break his ribs, to hurt him until he would scream in pain.
He squirmed and struggled to get rid of the death promising grip, tried to reach out for something, for someone who would help.
A sound like breaking glass made its way into his mind, when low words approached his ears.
“Jack, you ‘ re okay?”
Reality rushed back to him, overwhelmed him with sudden power.
“Chloe, wha..., what are you doing here?”
“The same as you, Jack, I guess, though I ‘ m not throwing breakable things or shouting that the building is about to fall apart.”
“Sorry.” he mumbled soft and looked at the broken glass. “I don ‘ t know how this happened. Normally I ‘ m not so easy falling into sleep.”
He felt dizzy and weak, more tired than before, but the shock still shook him.
“Must have been a hell of a dream,” Chloe noted compassionately, softly petting his temple.
“Yeah.” Jack looked at her, obviously still confused, especially by her unusual behaviour. He wondered, if he might have been stumbled from one weird dream into another result of his vivid imagination.
But her touch was real, the soft strokes soothed his whirling thoughts, sent waves of peace through his forehead directly into his mind. He sighed contently without noticing it, gaining a delighted smile by the red head.
Jack noticed, that she wore a shiny pink lipstick and seductive soft brown eyeshadows.
“What ‘ s the matter?” he asked, feeling awkward as if he wasn ‘ t himself anymore.
Chloe leant forward, he could smell her perfume, remembering him of vanille and cinnamon.
“It ‘ s christmas, baby,” she whispered. “Haven ‘ t you got your present yet?”
“What present?” he asked disturbed. Something was definitely wrong.
“Shhh,” she silenced him by laying a finger on his lips. “Jack, can ‘ t you see it?”
He shook his head in confusion. “Chloe, I... I don ‘ t feel alright.”
She smirked. “Tonight is the night, one night in the year, when we should allow ourselves to enjoy the gift of life, to celebrate love in each way imaginable.”
“I ‘ d never been... .”
“Jack!” Her fingers slid over his features, softening with the touch, wandered down, moved lightly around his neck.
“You ‘ re special,” she breathed against his earl, before softly nuzzling his earlobe. “And for once in a year, I ‘ d long to see your heart, not the rough shell covering it everywhere.”
Jack winced, pulling back at once.
“Chloe, I ‘ m not sure... , I mean... , I won ‘ t... .”
“Relax Jack, let me call the shots this time.”
“I won ‘ t... .”
“You will!”
“Nooo!” Jack jumped, shoved the woman aside, who staggered, stumbled and finally lost her balance and fell.
Jack also tumbled to the ground, unable to keep balance, crashing down hard. He tried to crawl away, but it was too late. Here it was again, the face, he ‘ d seen before, the face, that rose in front of his eyes each time he permitted someone to come near him, every time he allowed himself to feel, to trust, to love. It was waiting patiently in the shadows, in the unconscious depths of his mind, waited for his weakest moment to surface, and how he had to admit, to scare him to death.
“No, Teri, please go away,” he screamed and watched in horror how the once loved features crumbled, how long bony fingers reached out for him, clinging to his clothes, how icy cold breath made him shake and shiver, until he fortunately received the mercy to pass out at last.
‘Thank God’ was his last thought, before he sank into oblivion. ‘Thank God, for I ‘ m not ready to stand this anymore.’

Chloe slowly came to, rubbing her hurting knees. She cursed deceived and her sight fell upon the Christmas tree, she had persuaded Tony into. Maybe it was for the best. Maybe Christmas day shouldn ‘ t be the day, where a nice girl dissolved sleeping pills and drugs in a bottle of whiskey in order to turn her boss into a weak-willed victim of her seductive skills. Maybe these times were over, maybe she should behave for once and wait.
The man certainly would be worth it!
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